My biography


Welcome to my blog, Please feel free to express your opinion!


-personal projects/blogging about art researches/exhibitions (2009 -present)

Radio TV Moderator, Radio Still, Iasi (Culture Club program)
I presented lately Art exhibitions and cultural events, at Culture Club program and I’m always aware of all important news from art (2012)

Custodian Manager, Top Art Gallery, Iasi, Romania (2012)
Paphos Bird and Animal Park-Gallery, Art Gallery Currator (2010)


University of Art George Enescu (MBA), Iasi, Romania (2007-2009)
University of Art George Enescu ( 2003-2007)


My hobbies are sport (biking, running, swimming, tennis), travels, meetings, art researches (painting/ new media/ installation/ mixed art/ articles about art…), webdesign, socializing, and, not at last, blogging. My artworks are inspired from my lifestyle, all of them describe my passion for sport, graphic design and art.

Selected group exhibitions:

~2012-July, Exhibition of PaintingsSculptures and Graphics(

-2012 -April, Semn citadin,Top Art Gallery, Casa Cartii ( )

-2012 -March, Acasa 2, Cupola Gallery ( )

-2010 -Atelier 35, Iasi, Hotel Europa

-2009 -21 July 2009-Acasa, Cupola Gallery ( )

-2008, -May,Iasi,Annual Tourism Salon


My artwork:


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