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 This blog is about my personal artwork researches and those of others. Is not only a blog for presenting exhibitions or art pieces, but also is a personal presentation of my attempts .

We all have a little room in our mind from where we all identifying ourselves with certain artworks. Whether we are professionals or not in the art field, in many cases a specific artwork can give us a déjà vue or some particular waken fellings. We can find ourselves in art as artists-certainly. More importantly, though, is how you transmit the viewer or audience what they want or, in turn, they could find themselfs reflected in your work. From this reason, in art where taken place significant changes which led to a new form ( which wears it  today), in order to address to public more personally than before .

We can create a piece of art when we are demoralized which could reflect what we feel or, on the opposite, what we want to feel (when we are upset we try to remember or try to see the nicest things and the half full glass just to not dramatize everything).

I think not only artists, but all who are passionate about a particular area had realized that sometimes it can take several days without eating or sleeping, because they are in the process of work, and when you are passionate about something, that’s it, nothing can hold you and gives no peace to do something else.

Some might call it “mood“. It’s not about mood, it’s a moment which if you lose it (sleeping or eating), you lose all the charm from it, and all the intensity; the next moment you can lose everything, if you don’t pay enough attention on the right moment.

           At job you need to display a certain label, but home you can be yourself, you can still do funniest things; you can make a draw / or you can concern with other projects which you’re passionate about.
It would be beautiful like all these moments can be shot or transported into a film/project to capture the wonderful environment in which you created a certain art work or what determined you to do.
This is what I’ll reveal, In the following lines. Art should address to everyone!


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