Colors and motifs of Tiki Village are inspired from the past, some of them even from ancient culture (in ameriandian culture, TIKI means the first man); here is the place where I feel like I’m in heaven, and where I can say, without no doubt, that the place is very special. History and contemporaneity are harmoniously complement each other in traditional oriental models which we meet everywhere we go on the beach.

A Tiki is a large or small wooden or stone carving representing a humanoid form, definition used in Māori language. Similar statuets we also find in Polynesian cultures. Tiki statues are also found on Tiki Village beach, carved by famous artists:

Also, old boats are making the decor a wild viking alike:


A magical place where art meets nature and reciprocal enhances their beauty, mutually reinforcing themselfs. A place where every little moment spent in nature recharge your enery and everything flows naturally and is based on wheather; the coolest is when you paddle boarding in the rain, surrounded by wild ducks which are flying through the reeds.

What I painted:

  • Egyptian inspiration theme, with pharaohs topics found in antiquiti: sun, hierogliphs,  textile motifs found on pharaohs representations, all these things also maintaining the beauty of rustic elements and enhacing the beauty of natural wood:


  • Also, stylized popular motifs found in various parts of the world, a combination between traditional (which means history) with contemporary motifs and colors.
  • The rustic fountain painted with peasant models, models which are also found in today’s latest fashion clothes, proof that traditional designs are fashionably in any century.
  • Detalii, doar pictura am facut-o eu. Un loc cu un ansamblu super, cu o multime de detalii vintage:


  • Colors, parrots…




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