Sporty woman

                      This artwork refers to healthy lifestyle, feminism and women’s empowerment and its changing role in today’s society. Today’s woman is a strong woman who must face physical tests : football  for woman was invented,  (who initially was destined only for men) and is concerned with both family and career. The pattern of prehistoric Venus of Willendorf woman was styled now, putting more focus on women’s physical health, on its ability to give birth to healthy children.   Continue reading Sporty woman

How can we recycle

How can we recycle was my favourite art project (This is an artistic project that I used to work an entire summer) Art has always evolved in close relationship with technology, both have evolved around the same time, so, once with industrial revolution, appeared new material, such as plastics. By converting waste into usable resources, we can help at cleaning environment from the visual point of view and in terms of pollution; garbage is containing recoverable material in 70% and if you add biodegradable material, even 90%. We can help to conserve natural resources, conserving energy. Much less energy is … Continue reading How can we recycle