Running through modernity

Art has always merged with the way that people lived. I felt that many times in my life, but at some projects which I worked I felt just like I was transported into another time and in another civilization. I wish I could investigate the caves with prehistoric art (this issue occupying me a good part of my years in art studies). I wish I had reached all the vestiges of the arts, to self-examine them closer and eventually I wish I could participate to preserve these living witnesses who have resisted for so long until today (some silent and undisputable testimonies of the past time).

Prehistoric artists painted on rocks and cliff walls or on the ustensils and statues made from rocks and wood. That art was closely related to the interest of the people, as is the art of our day. As in the past the interest of people relate to representation of woman and animals, if it were nowadays to make a representation of our areas of concern, we could represent the cars and, of course, womans.

I found myself in all the above, when during the summer, what makes me stand to long distances without drinking water (when the heat is highest enough that you melt under the hottest sun) is what I read in a book called “Fata Morgana la Tassili” (Vasile Dragut)- one of my favorites books, where you meet the beautiful landscapes of North Africa , the African prehistoric art and all those very picturesque wonders of a world with a rich art history.
In this book I discovered a very unbearable heat and the flavor of coffe cooked under the heating sun.
I try, somehow, to get to appreciate coffee in the true sense after a good run through the heat to feel a bit of  breeze from the desert sands. In this case, the desert sand turned into a busy highway with me running between cars and many drivers angry. But this is how you end up to appreciate the moment, because running relax your mind and agglomeration from the highway doesn’t bother you anymore.If I was driven instead of running, I was probably just as angry as so many drivers caught in the traffic are. In the winter it’s easier, the heat is not a problem anymore and there aren’t so many cars on the street.  And obviously, I like to paint rocks after a good running on the hills;

How can anyone define happiness? I don’t know how it sounds for others, but for me happiness is when I run regardless of the weather or season. And along with this also comes painting mood or Photoshop mood. This is what I painted after a 20 kilometers running (I hope you will like it):

rocks art

Painted rock


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