From the party to the hospital

I can say without restraint that over ten years I haven’t had any illness, not even the common  coldness , as a result of sport and by the fact that I trained my body to be as “passed through the fire”; After a very serious bike accident happened more than four years ago , when I came from Piatra Neamt to Iasi (more specific, in Pascani, Romania), I got my knees, my elbows and my chin destroyed. At twenty meters above was the hospital, along which I had just passed ; I went to the hospital holding my bicycle as my precious thing in the world.

My wounds were bandaged, I ended with four radiographs at my knees and elbows. Doctors recommended me to take a break at least one month from sport. I took a week break (my face was half  bandaged and I was looking like a mummy, I was embarrassed to get out of my house, in order to not scare the people.
After one week, although the sign from the chin was seeing very well(today is seeing aswell, but very unnoticeable), I concluded that I need to get rid of the chin bandage. Said and done.
And Of course, I made, once again a tour recognition , about 30 km on the first day after recovery. This time, along helmet, I had elbow and knee pads, just in case. And also, to disguise the knees and elbows bandages. Without exaggerating, my body has recovered very quickly after this episode, considering that a week later I was back on the road with my bike.

Have I remained with the cycling fear? You might say that I’m more cautious than before the accident, I’m no longer carried away to try the maximum speed that my bike catches on long valley. From Piatra Neamt to Iasi it’s only valley, with a very little climb.
Plus, when we went from Iasi to Piatra, we didn’t have a GPS to guide us, so we went on very detour routes (we made about 35 kilometers longer than the road distance was supposed to be); finally, we traveled the route Iasi-Targu Neamt-Piatra Neamt , with the aforementioned detours, just in climbing sense (hills unforced, but long distance, I thaught there will never end).
It was 3 am and we were 2 people in a premontana zone, plus no guest house was opened. Moreover, I was afraid not to appear any bear who would chase us. I was cold as ice when suddenly, in a village, we’ve seen a discotheque (you could hear manele). Once we tied the bicycles outside, from a pillar, we entered into discotheque to get warm, although I was afraid not to harass us anyone. Of course, all eyes were watching us, because we were new in there, no one knew who we are- we had reached into a village where everyone knew everyone else.
Ironically, although I didn’t like that music (manele) at that moment it didn’t bother anymore that it was rang through the highest volume. I used to go outside to see if the bikes are where we’ve left them. Apart from that, all I wanted was to sleep on any of the seats from there at least an hour so I can continue my journey, with all the music that rang into our ears.

That was my trip: from discotheque  I reached into a hospital . Now is very amusing that visit to the hospital from my way back (after the accident). This memory is one of the most vivid memories and most beautiful from my life, although at that moment wasn’t seem so funny.

Because I don’t have anymore any from the pictures from that cycle trip, I’ll put one from this year, from “Prima evadare”. Below, is how I see myself after the Iasi-Piatra Neamt, Targu Neamt route. When all I did was to climb from lowlands to the premontane zone .



            One of my works from the recovery period, when I couldn’t get out from home


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