My portrait painted by Petronela

  This is my portrait, painted by a dear friend  Here is the photo after which she painted the artwork    

petrA1                     ME

Without the intention of exposing her (usual, she stays in a shadowed corner), I dare to say that her name is Petronela Iacob. Respectfully and unable to keep the secret for myself, hope she will wouldn’t mind if I dare to post some photos with the portrait that she painted it. From my point of view , I saw myself in a very well characterized portrait, painted in such a manner that she reveals a true lively painting . This is me, full of contrast and color, as she said herself. Earnestly, let me note that even she is more busy than me (she is a young mother and wife), she finds time to paint. This is for me like an antidot when I will look for excuses for not to paint or not doing a certain thing.

I will not talk too much about this portrait, because I don’t want to give a false impression of subjectivity, since this is a portrait in which I’m represented. From my opinion, spontaneity describes Petronela perfectly. It is one of the artists that empathizes very well with the person that she paints, managing to express everyone ‘s feelings, emphasizing their style.
I invite you to follow the various stages of the portrait:

                       hgftyj           PETRA 2

          Petronela while she was painting                                                                                 Still wasn’t finished


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