Urban sign

de afis

                    “Urban sign” poster


Semn citadin (Urban Sign): A exhibition wich highlighted the monotony and banality of urban space, bringing the gallery even elements that paradoxically, we should meet on the street or in a private space. Exhibition brings together artworks made by young contemporary artists who focus on a brutal reality and maturity.

Urban space is the space that imposes rules and orders: speed limits, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, etc.. Gray buildings, gray roads and all the hullabaloo modern space that impose limits and rules, because otherwise would be everything more chaotic. This space requires you what you dream and when.

Exhibition captures different views, sometimes impressions (feelings) that remain after human passage or by a natural phenomenon (rain, overnight).

Adrian CrîşmaruAndrei MorteciClaudia CosteaElena GheorghitaDiana NeaguMaria Gheorghita
Rodica Grosu.

From Gallery:


Some pictures with artworks:

IMG_7495 IMG_7460






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