For the New Year




A little gift from me

A little gift from me to you…with love (still life with pitcher). I have a very traditional decor house; rocks from the walls are my mother’s masterpiece.  I’m wishing you to find the necessary peace for those magical Christmas days!


Waiting for Santa



Just waiting for Santa to bring us some bones…

Merry Christmas to everyone from Thor and Jazz!

My wishes for Christmas

My wishes for Christmas are a pretty few but I hope to be fulfilled. This year (2013) has been one of the most accomplished years for me. Along friends gained before I met a lot of new friends; each of you motivates me and inspires me.

Thank you all of you for you’ve kept your sincere character and your beautiful souls, always ready to pass through life without fear, just with an optimistic attitude.

My wishes for 2014 would be for every one of us to be healthy, optimistic , to have a positive attitude further in order so we can keep the confidence that we need in ourselves . Whether it is storm outside , to have the courage to get through it without fear.

Another wish would be to have only positive thoughts in the next year . Also, I wish that everyone adopt a animal if they don’ t already have one . I wish this because anyone who have a dog, a cat or anything else it’s impossible to be depressed.
What I love about animals is their sincere happiness which they have when they see you. They are always giving you a good mood.

I also wish you to have the strength to meet the challenges without fear and full of motivation.
Last but not least , for the New Year, I wish to all of our desires and our attempts would come true . And what before seemed impossible to become possible for everyone!
Keep your heart young, strong with full of happiness!

Those are my wishes for Christmas. Thank you all for your support and for the commitment.

I wish you love and prosperity, Merry Christmas to all of you and to the persons you care!



Summer breeze


Summer breeze  with my personalized rock and a bare foot; materials used: fimo, oil colors, rock. Hot summer days remembrance for the coldest days. Hope you’ll like it.

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